Film “Hirten – Hüter der Welt” präsentiert von greenmotions am Samstag 20. Juli 13h im Filmraum

Film auf Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln

“Herders – Guardians of the Earth” is a graceful and moving meditation on a disappearing life form. Tender and unsentimental at the same time. In landscapes of remarkable size and beauty, the film portrays the lives of the often invisible and marginalised pastoralist cultures that exist throughout the world. The film captures the beauty and hardship of this dying way of life, explores the deep and ancient union between people and animals, and tells of a way of food production and a way of life that gives more back to the nature and to humanity than what it takes away. There is a wisdom in the ancient practices of nomadic pastoralism that deserves to be preserved and protected. Time for a tribute. And a chance to rethink.

Samstag 20. Juli Kinoraum, Schule, ausgeschildert 13.00