English panel at the AgriKultur Festival: New narratives: How can we reach out to citizens and mobilise them to adopt a different approach to agriculture and food? 

What stories, narratives and actions are inviting citizens to change? How can the use of sensitive productions, which also appeal to the senses, affect behaviour? 
How can we get away from the dominant, mainstream discourse, which praises individualism and conveys a spirit of competition that takes root in our imaginations and our behaviour. This spirit increases our domination over living things and damages our social relationships. These types of stories accustom us to exerting unbearable pressure on the environment: they convey social norms that are incompatible with global standards (long-distance travel, unlimited purchase of goods, etc.) and social standards (human exploitation, inequalities created, etc.).

Vina Hiridjee – Collective Un autre rapport à la terre / Co-producer and co-author Food Revolution Podcasts – FRANCE
Laura Aillaud – Natural wine grower – FRANCE
Sarah Leduc – Ethnologist and photojournalist, Femmes gardiennes du littoral exhibition – FRANCE

Peter Volz – Sociologist, member of Agronauten – GERMANY
Marcello Carli – Councillor Trento Italy – Organic Cities – ITALY
Klaus Flesch – Slow Food Freiburg – GERMANY,

Aurélie Marx, Arte, Head of the Science Programs, FRANCE

Saturday, 22 Juli 13h, School Aula (main hall), ausgeschildert (signposted)